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Photo: Isabel Mühlhaus
Photo: Isabel Mühlhaus

About Workshops & Seminars

Our workshops and seminars are aimed at anyone who wants to share an active exchange on the wide range of topics and ideas related to Haus der Kunst. This enables Haus der Kunst to clearly position itself as an open resonance space, where independent and critical thinking about contemporary art and its history and histories as well as the relationship between archive, architecture and memory is supported. 

The goal of this program is to educate, to inspire, and to empower a generationally diverse public. Close collaborations with universities, schools and research institutions create the context for an interdisciplinary transfer of knowledge and to explore new pathways of learning and education. 

For teachers of different subjects and types of school we offer further training courses as well as the opportunity to actively participate in the development process of learning resources and concepts.

Sabine Brantl  
Curator Archive and Head of Learning  
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