Private Groups

About Private Groups

You can book all programmes for children and youths privately as well. You can determine time and duration depending on the occasion. You can choose the date at your leisure, even weekends and holidays.

Familyatelier 1.5 hours / € 60 +  € 5 per child

Workshop 2.5 hours / price on request

Kids listen in 1 hour / € 150

Information & Registration 
+49 89 21127 118

FILM IT! City, river, country! Stage an art film with your smartphone! 
In Cooperation with Sammlung Goetz and FILOMELE
For teens 14 years and older

The media workshop FILM IT! enters its third round: The exhibition "Cyrill Lachauer. I am not sea, I am not land" offers the opportunity to deal with the topics city, river and country in various forms. Land can mean home and give roots, it can be a nourishing piece of land, but as an idea of nation it can also lead to in- and exclusion. The artist Cyrill Lachauer has explored this topic in his works. What do you associate with the topic of land and what does home mean to you? Where do you feel at home? Come by and discuss this with us in the new workshop. Get inspired by the exhibited works and create a little art film with your smartphone, which will express the topic best for you! Is it a color, a scent or a language that you associate with your (home) country? Is it a river or a landmark in your city? Tell us about it - there are no limits to your ideas. The results of past workshops can be found on YouTube.

The workshops are realized with the generous support of the art foundation Ingvild and Stephan Goetz and in cooperation with Haus der Kunst and the art agency FILOMELE.

Information & Registration 
+49 89 21127 118