Atelier Teens

Atelier Teens

Dear Parents,
Regretfully, we have been unable to host workshops for your children in our studio these past few months. During this time, however, we created tutorials related to our exhibitions for them. These lessons offer a varied and creative approach to different topics such as painting, graphics and sculpture. The instructions are easy for children to understand and the required materials can usually be found in most households. If your children have participated in one or more of these tutorials, we would appreciate your feedback. We look forward to hearing from you soon and wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season.
Your StudioTeam

The studio at Haus der Kunst will remain closed to visitors until further notice.

Are you already aware of the digital offers at Haus der Kunst?

We have Media Workshops, Workshops, Happy Birthday Party!, Private Groups & Inclusion Workshops.

Everything for youth and teens

  • Media Workshops

    The current exhibitions inspire us to create an experimental film sequence. We explore possibilities of expression through film: light, shadows, zoom, editing. You will be producing short films and individual stories that you can edit and add a soundtrack to in a studio and under professional supervision.

    For children aged 13 and above

  • Workshops

    In a collective discussion with an artist, we investigate selected artworks of a current exhibition. After this, the focus is on one's own artistic designs. In our studios, you'll explore and transform your impressions: through drawing, painting, sculpting, and experimenting with new materials and techniques – your own work emerges.

  • Happy Birthday Party!

    If you love art and would like to have an exciting birthday party for you and your friends, then Haus der Kunst is the place to be!

    For children aged 13 and above

    Shoot your own birthday video

    Creative workshop

  • Private Groups

    You can book all programs for children and youths privately as well. You can determine time and duration depending on the occasion. You can choose the date at your leisure, even weekends and holidays.

  • Inclusion Workshops

    Our range of inclusive events is continuously expanded. It includes special workshops for young people with special needs as well as events open to young people with and without disabilities. Please contact us. Haus der Kunst is wheelchair accessible. We are happy to reserve parking for you.