About Schools

About About Schools

Haus der Kunst offers pupils of all ages an extensive program of activities, ranging from one-hour guided tours or workshops to our video workshop formats. Programs can be tailored to meet the needs of individual school classes.

Based on examples found in our current exhibitions, pupils can explore topics related to the fine arts, history, German, religion and ethics, social science, and politics, and develop their own related questions. Teachers planning to visit Haus der Kunst with their classes are welcome anytime. We look forward to your visit.

Short Workshop 
1,5 hours / 2 € / per student

2 hours / 3 € / per student

Video Workshop
4 hours/ 6 € / per student

The Gesellschaft der Freunde der Stiftung Haus der Kunst München e.V. supports the visit of school classes in our studio rooms.

Information & Registration 
+49 89 21127 118

We would be happy to inform you about our training courses for teachers. Please let us know your email address if we are allowed to add you to our mailing list.