Guided tours for school classes

About Guided tours for school classes

The Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya (born 1933) works at the interface between art and science, nature and technology. Using pure water, she creates fog sculptures that surround the outside of Haus der Kunst and can also be physically experienced in the exhibition space. Her fog sculptures challenge traditional notions of sculpture, as they change at every moment depending on temperature, wind, and atmosphere. 

Guided tours for elementary school classes in „Fujiko Nakaya. Nebel Leben

The tours for elementary school classes tie in with the curriculum theme of local history and science classes, "Air, Water, Weather." The children get to know water as an artistic material and learn that Fujiko Nakaya deals intensively with the state forms of water and natural processes in order to develop her fog sculptures. Her works, which can be experienced through the senses, allow the children to experience the subject matter in a new setting and encourage them to think about the relationship between humans and nature.  

The tour includes a short practical part with a drawing exercise. 

Price: 65€ per class  

Guided tours for older pupils

In addition to the sensual and physically experienceable fog sculptures, the exhibition also shows numerous video works by Fujiko Nakaya. The students get to know a contemporary artist who experimented very early with the then new video technology. In the "Multiverse" - a documentary exhibition space - they immerse themselves in Fujiko Nakaya's time, whose artistic, scientific and technological innovations inspired her.

Price: 85€ per class

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