FAQs for attending events

Please take note of the following information and guidelines when attending events in Haus der Kunst

Where can I purchase tickets? 
We kindly request you purchase your tickets online via our website to avoid long lines at our admissions desk. Ticket purchases are limited to two per person. If you are coming as a couple and wish to sit together, please purchase both tickets in a single transaction.

A limited number of tickets will be available at the admissions desk. When purchasing tickets on site, please be prepared to wait in line, as only a limited number of visitors are simultaneously permitted in the admissions area. You will be asked to provide your contact details when purchasing tickets, both online and in person; we strictly adhere to data privacy guidelines (DSGVO).

Where are events held? 
Events take place in the 600 square meter West Wing, which permits a spacious seating arrangement in accordance with current health guidelines. Both single and double seating is available, with a minimum of 150 cm between each seating element. Double seats are reserved for those who purchase their tickets together.

What is the protocol for admission to the event and seating allocation? 
The seating is open. Admission begins 30 minutes prior to the start of the performance. We kindly ask you to arrive early, as current health guidelines, including mandatory social distancing, can lead to long lines. All efforts are made to ensure things run smoothly.  

Do I need to wear a mask?
Masks must be worn inside the Haus der Kunst building. Those not wearing mouth and nose protection will not be permitted into the building. Masks must be worn throughout the entire event, even when seated.

Are performers required to wear masks on stage? 
Performers, whose artistic performances are not compatible with the wearing of a mask, are exempt from wearing a mask while performing.

What must I consider before visiting Haus der Kunst?
People with unspecific or general symptoms of ill health or with respiratory symptoms of any severity, as well as individuals who have had close contact with those infected with Covid-19, are not permitted to attend events in Haus der Kunst. Anyone who develops symptoms during an event must leave the building immediately.

What additional health measures have been adopted?
Because the event space has an efficient ventilation system, we can guarantee the regular exchange of air. The paths and directional flow of movement when entering and leaving the event space are clearly indicated as are the social distancing requirements in the waiting area. 

Please note the current protection and hygiene measures for your visit. 

There are ample disinfection stations on site. Please always maintain the safe social distancing space of 1.5 meters between yourself and others.

We wish you a pleasant time in Haus der Kunst and look forward to your visit!

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