Atelier Kids & Families

Atelier Kids & Families

We offer children and youths the opportunity to discover how fun it is to get creative. When we meet with artists or see their works, we give ourselves the opportunity to be inspired – fostering a greater sense of perception and, as part of the artistic process, self-confidence. 

The Kids and Families program at Haus der Kunst offers the chance to visit a current exhibition, stopping by selected artworks to discuss our own thoughts and feelings, all while developing ideas about creative content and form. Afterwards, our extensive workshops offer the space to shape individual ideas and the exploration of color, material and technical possibilities. 

Our well-established team of art instructors and artist provides individual supervision for all of our young visitors suited to their age group during the tour of the artworks as well as during the creative working process.

Information & Registration 
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All listed events take place in German. However, you may book any service in English for a private group.

We have Kids Listen In, Workshops, Family Studio, Happy Birthday, Holiday Workshops, Private Groups & Workshops for physically disabled children and youths.

Everything for kids and families

  • Kids Listen In

    For children from 0 - 4

    Tours of a current exhibition for parents and their baby or infant. The pram, your baby or infant will always be in sight and cared for by us. 

  • Workshops

    For children from 6 – 12

    In a collective discussion with an artist, we investigate selected artworks of a current exhibition. After this, the focus is on one's own artistic designs. In our studios, you explore and transform your impressions: through drawing, painting, sculpting, and experimenting with new materials and techniques - your own work emerges.

  • Family Studio

    For children from 6 - 10

    Going to the museum with grown-ups? Boring. Or is it? Our family outing offers an alternative. View and discuss selected works of one of our exhibitions with each other.  After a tour of the exhibition with one of our art teachers or artists, children and parents realize their own artistic visions in our art studio.

  • Happy Birthday

    For children aged 6 and above

    Celebrating birthdays at Haus der Kunst

    You and your friends can visit an exhibition with an artist, taking in a special selection of artworks and gathering ideas that you can then put into creative practice in our in-house art studio. A fun party is also on the agenda. 

  • Holiday Workshops

    Holidays are special! 

    Join our holiday workshops!

  • Private Groups

    You can book all programmes for children and youths privately as well. You can determine time and duration depending on the occasion. You can choose the date at your leisure, even weekends and holidays.

  • Workshops for physically disabled children and youths

    Our range of inclusive events is continuously expanded. It includes special workshops for children with special needs as well as events open to children with and without disabilities. Please contact us. Haus der Kunst is wheelchair accessible. We are happy to reserve parking for you.