Frau und Hund

Marlene Dumas

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Frau und Hund
Marlene Dumas

About the artwork

Marlene Dumas
Woman and Dog, 2010
Two prints on paper, piezograph
72 x 51 cm
Edition of 40 +10 AP
Signed, dated, and numbered, unframed
€ 3,000 (including tax, shipping extra)

The artist Marlene Dumas designed the edition "Woman and Dog" for the exhibition "Tronies", which was on view in Haus der Kunst from 29.10.10 to 06.02.11.

In addition to Marlene Dumas's paintings and "Tronies" drawings, the exhibition displayed a pictorial form that Dutch painters like Rembrandt and Rubens practiced; however, the most famous Tronie may be Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring". Although they also are based on the living model, Tronies, unlike portraits, do not focus on the representation of a particular person, but explore the spectrum of human physiognomy and the expression of emotion. Against a neutral background, a half-length figure is portrayed whose face is both realistic and expressive. The paintings and drawings by the South African/Dutch artist Marlene Dumas (born 1953) are also concerned with the visible expression of emotions. Her style is different from image to image. At times she uses a brush, other times she squirts paint against the canvas. Still other times she lets watery ink run on paper; or smudges, wipes, or juxtaposes blank areas with those with thickly applied paint. Dumas's themes are basic human drives: Birth, love, sex, suffering, death.

"After the defeat at Stalingrad, he [Hitler] is said to have remarked that he only had two remaining friends, Eva Braun and his German shepherd Blondi". (Ernst Piper, "The undiscovered role of Eva Braun", in: "Der Tagesspiegel", 22.02.2010)

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