Wenn der Frühling kommt

Luc Tuymans

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Wenn der Frühling kommt
Luc Tuymans

About the artwork

Luc Tuymans
Wenn der Frühling kommt, 2007
Portfolio with 17 digital prints on semitransparent paper, with text
50 x 40 cm
Edition of 50
Signed and numbered
€ 4,000 (including VAT plus shipping costs)

For the exhibition "Wenn der Frühling kommt" (When Spring Comes) by Luc Tuymans, which was on view in Haus der Kunst from 02.03.08 to 12.05.08, the artist assembled a portfolio of 17 images that were presented in the exhibition. The works were digital prints on film accompanied by a text by the historian Sabine Brantl. "In his work, Tuymans questions structures of power, manipulation, and moments in history that have not yet been overcome – Nazism and the Holocaust occupy a central place in the artist's work. Like projections of a fading memory, his images persist in the illusion and offer space for personal references to this time. In the context of their presentation, the artist explores the specific exhibition space in search for the link to his own work. In the former "House of German Art", which still stands as a symbol of the former fictionalization of art in the service of the dictatorship, his paintings encounter a particularly charged place. In the interaction of architecture and presentation, the exhibition "Wenn der Frühling kommt" impressively reflects the power and influence of images. For this edition, Tuymans adopted the concept of the art folios published in the years 1942-43, imitating their graphic design." (Sabine Brantl)

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