Black Curves

Ellsworth Kelly

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Black Curves
Ellsworth Kelly

About the artwork

Ellsworth Kelly
Black Curves, 2011
19.7 x 26.1 cm
Edition of 100 (of which 20 AP)
Signed and numbered, framed

Sold out

The artist Ellsworth Kelly (born 1923 in Newburgh, New York) is one of the most influential American artists of his generation. His mostly large-scale paintings are associated with hard-edge or color-field painting. Since the beginning of his creative career, Kelly has explored the reality of basic forms. These external forms continue to stimulate Kelly's perception. He is interested in shade and the texture of surfaces isolated from their original context. The edition Black Curves was created for the exhibition "Ellsworth Kelly. Black and White", which was on view in Haus der Kunst from 07.10.11 to 22.01.12, and was dedicated to the artist's black-and-white works. In all his creative periods, Kelly has explored new ideas for paintings in black-and-white versions, which usually emerge parallel to their colored counterparts. In the form's translation into black and white – as an equivalent of dark and light – Ellsworth Kelly is able to focus exclusively on its shape and outline.

The edition is based on the floor installation Black Curves, which the artist created for the exhibition. In it, two curved lines of different radii meet at two points; the resulting black geometric form is 11 meters long. The edition represents a to-scale study of this work, which was destroyed after the exhibition.