77sqm_9:26min_4: Fluid dynamics simulation of gunpowder residue particles (ammonia) within the front room of the internet cafe. Image: Forensic Architecture and Dr. Salvador Navarro-Martinez, 2017

Contextualizing NSU - Installations by Forensic Architecture and spot the silence

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Exhibition overview

In addition to the reading of the fifth annual NSU minutes (11.11.18, 11 am, in Munich’s Kammerspielen), during the 10. festival “Politik im Freien Theater“, Haus der Kunst will present two documentary works that explore the NSU complex.


The video by the London-based group “Forensic Architecture” around Eyal Weizman was one of the most influential projects at documenta 14 and nominated for this years Turner Prize. Eleven years after the NSU murder of Halit Yosgat, artists, architects, filmmakers, set designers and performers once again examined the case and tried to determine whether Andreas Temme, an employee of the Agency for the Protection of the Constitution, had been a witness to the crime contrary to his original statement. The group meticulously reconstructed the crime scene on the basis of leaflets and a police video. In the sense of Joseph Beuys’ concept of “social sculpture,” the film aims to effect a sustainable change in society. The judges in the Munich NSU trial did not agree with Forensic  Architecture’s conclusions.

Gespräche // Assemblage

Die von „spot the silence“ konzipierte Medieninstallation vermittelt Hintergründe der rassistischen Mordserie. In neun Videos richtet sie den Fokus auf diejenigen, deren Wahrnehmung und Expertise in der öffentlichen Darstellung nur selten Platz findet: Betroffene, Aktivist/innen, Wissenschaftler/innen und Künstlerinnen äußern sich in Wort und Bild zu den NSU-Morden, weiteren rassistisch motivierten Gewalttaten sowie Formen des institutionellen Rassismus.

In cooperation with the 10. festival Politik im Freien Theater.