El Anatsui Gravity and Grace, 2010 aluminum and copper wire, 190 x 441 inches (482 x 1120cm) Collection of the Artist, Nsukka, Nigeria, Courtesy Jack Shainman Gallery, New York

Graphical work analysis

Workshop & Seminar for adults,

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Workshop & Seminar for adults in German
No reservation required
3 € plus admission

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What happens when we describe a work not with words but with graphical means? Together with students of art education at Munich’s LMU, workshop participants undertake a graphical analysis of various creative aspects, including color, form, structure and composition. In so doing, we will not only become familiar with the work of El Anatsuis and his creative approach; we will also explore our own manner of perception. 

The workshop takes place on the first Friday of each month.

No previous knowledge or experience needed. Materials are provided. No registration required.

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