Veronika Radulovic und Truong Tan, kurz vor dessen Performance "Me" in der Hang Chuoi, Hanoi, 1996  Foto: Nguyen Quang Huy

Workshop Discussion - Global Artists’ Archives: The archive of Veronika Radulovic

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The artist and curator Veronika Radulovic moved to Vietnam in the early 1990s to study lacquer painting. From 1994 to 2005 she taught at Truong Dai Hoc My Thuat Hanoi, now the University of Fine Art Vietnam, the first German to do so. Radulovic became close friends with many artists in the county’s emerging art scene, as well as an important supporter and trusted colleague. With her camera, she documented the first art performances ever to take place in Vietnam and she helped organize groundbreaking exhibitions.

Her archive, which she established during this time, documents - in an exemplary and unique way - decisive moments that initiated the emergence of contemporary art in Vietnam. It unites works by a generation of artists, who were provocative, experimental and thus exposed themselves to permanent risk against the background of the political situation. With more than 1000 mostly unpublished documents, Veronika Radulovic’s archive is one of the largest collections of its kind.

In a workshop discussion with Eva Bentcheva and Sabine Brantl, Veronika Radulovic provides insights into her fascinating archive and work. What distinguishes autonomous collection processes in Asia and Europe? How does one position autonomous archives with a global focus in Germany without diminishing their diverse histories?

The workshop discussion will take place in and within the context of the exhibition “Archives in Residence: Southeast Asia Performance Collection”, which will be on view in Haus der Kunst’s Archive Gallery through 29.09.19.