Foto: Diane von Schoen

Lecture by Barbara Vinken on the self-expression of artists


Practical information

Lecture in German
Reservation required
5 €

Event overview

Artists are not born but made

Barbara Vinken is a German literary scholar and, since 2004, a professor of General Literature and Romance Philology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. In the context of the exhibition “Markus Lüpertz”, she will give a lecture at Haus der Kunst on the self-expression of artists.

"Since Vasaris Viten, art autonomy has owed itself to the stylization and self-stylization of artists. As Divus the artist enters the stage, he becomes an original genius, a painter prince, a dandy, his life a permanent staging of the Gesamtkunstwerk". (Barbara Vinken)

Entry: 5 € / Combination ticket with exhibition Markus Lüpertz 13 € 

Foto: Diane von Schoen
Foto: Diane von Schoen