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Theateraufführung in German
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An event organized by the Münchner Kammerspiele in cooperation with the Haus der Kunst

THESE TEENS WILL SAVE THE FUTURE Inszenierung: Verena Regensburger

Around the globe, young people are taking to the streets, demonstrating for a more just world and for urgent action to be taken against the climate catastrophe. Thousands of young people are also organizing themselves in Munich, where they are primarily addressing the adult generation and politicians and calling for action. At these demonstrations, the director Verena Regensburger met young people who are fighting for their right to a livable future, and the first ideas evolved for a theater evening that would explore the anger, disappointment and protest of young people. Texts were developed from discussions with almost 30 politically engaged young adults and include their accusations, demands and options for action. The evening will explore how we can be engaged across generations: How can we overcome the feeling of powerlessness in the face of an approaching disaster? Which alliances can we forge? How can new hope arise from within the community? This is an evening about a future that concerns us all, because it will only exist if we act together now.

Participants include Natalie Albertshofer, Amelie Luisa Althaus, Emma Beblo, Lilli Biedermann, Helena Borst, Moritz Brand, Maria Dendorfer, Jamila Gebhard, Helena Gregorian, Vivien Henning, Anna Hoffmann, Kaspar Huber, Lilian Marie Louise Karger, Konstantin Kloppe, Thyra Kolde, Yuri Kößler, Leopold Nüssler, Thilda Otto, Frida Pfeiffer, Agnes Pfeiffer, Thalia Schoeller, Flurina Schuster, Mira Sökefeld, Marlene Anna Taler, Ira von Büdingen and Lilli von Hehn.

Presentation: Verena Regensburger Stage Set: Marie Häusner Costumes: Veronika Schneider Video: Nicole Marianna Wytyczak Lighting: Diana Dorn, Weronika Patan Sound: Jonny-Bix Bongers Dramaturgy: Anna Gschnitzer Texts: Verena Regensburger, Anna Gschnitzer and Ensemble.

Tickets: 19 € / reduced 6 €

Tickets are available at the Münchener Kammerspiele and online via München Ticket

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Premiere on 27.09.19 / 7 pm

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