Boiler room, Haus der Kunst, photo: Wilfried Petzi

Technology – an on-site visit


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Architecturetour in German
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Event overview

The former function of Haus der Kunst as a propaganda instrument of the National Socialists is reflected to this day in the building’s technical equipment. This juxtaposition of apparent extremes of traditionalism and functional aesthetics characterizes the “House of German Art” as a structure, which - as the art historian Dieter Bartetzko noted in 2004 - “ideally reflected the architectural ideas of the Nazis, whose buildings served as stone guarantors of the absurd claim that the Third Reich was both modern and conservative, committed to eternal values and yet ahead of its time.”

The tour leads visitors through non-public areas and facilities such as the boiler room, which was one of the most modern of its time and is still in operation today.

This event is part of a new series of seminars and excursions that explore the architectural, design and technical elements of Haus der Kunst, thereby investigating architecture as an organism and the interaction of different parameters.

With Anton Köttl, Technical Director of Haus der Kunst and Sabine Brantl, Curator Archive / Head of Learning, Haus der Kunst.

Participant number is limited.