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Talks & Tours with Sarah Sze

Talks & Tours with Sarah Sze offers in place of a conventional tour the public the opportunity to directly participate in a conversation with the artist in front of her work Centrifuge. Sarah Sze will be joined by Ulrich Wilmes, Chief Curator at Haus der Kunst and Damian Lentini, Curatorial Fellow at Haus der Kunst and will discuss her career, her practice, and her unique response to the architectural, social and historical conditions of the museum’s Middle Hall.

Centrifuge is a new site-specific installation in the frame „DER ÖFFENTLICHKEIT − VON DEN FREUNDEN HAUS DER KUNST“ of created by the American artist Sarah Sze and radically transforms visitors’ perception and experience of the museum’s Middle Hall. Sze’s diverse practice circulates around a range of analytical and spatial concerns, which involve the careful rearrangement of constructed and off-the-shelf objects into a series of sculptural groupings that cut across predetermined perceptual and cognitive categories. Inviting both micro and macro modes of viewing, her delicate constellation of objects, images and sketches deliberately disrupt one definite reading.

Sze has conceived an installation whose spatial agglomerations explode the perceptual field within the monumental Middle Hall. Centrifuge commences from a fixed point and dynamically morphs outwards into the surrounding space; shifting in scale and density as its various components unravel. The series of trajectories unfolded by the scattering concentrations of material and projections across the space create an intimate yet immersive environment informed by a changing sense of gravity, scale and time.

The artist herself was born in Boston, Massachusetts and lives and works in New York. Her works are held in prominent collections worldwide, and have featured in the Whitney Biennial (2000), The Carnegie International (1999), and several international Biennials, including Berlin (1998), Sao Paulo (2002), Liverpool (2008), Lyon (2009), Guangzhou (2015 and Venice (1999, 2013 – where she represented the United States – and 2015). Sze has also created public works for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, the High Line and the Public Art Fund in New York, and for the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority's 96th Street Station of the 2nd Avenue subway line.