Blind Faith: Solo Performance and Talks & Tours by Raphael Sbrzesny

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Talks & Tours in German
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Blind Faith
Talks & Tours and a solo performance by Raphael Sbrzesny

Raphael Sbrzesny is an artist and musician and is represented in the exhibition “Blind Faith” with his multimedia installation PRINCIPAL BOY: Outtakes from the Interpretenkammer. In the context of a Talks & Tours event, he will give a solo performance using his complex arrangement of corsets, playable sculptures and stage elements as well as the figure Principal Boy, developed especially for the installation. The tour that follows offers participants a conversation instead of a conventional guided tour: Raphael Sbrzesny will discuss various topics with the curator Anna Schneider and the visitors; further works in the exhibition will also be considered under the aspect of “the body as an instrument.”

Solo performance PRINCIPAL BOY: Outtakes from the Interpretenkammer (2018)

Poem for a Musician, portable loudspeakers and steel corset

Duration 15-20 minutes

Concept, audio material, sculptures, texts and set design: Raphael Sbrzesny 

In recent years, Raphael Sbrzesny has developed a variety of figures, such as The King, Eumel and Soldier or Son, as well as complex spatial arrangements of videos, sculptures and performances that surround them. In the multimedia installation Principal Boy Sbrzesny undertakes an analysis of the young male subject of our time, whom he considers to be under intense psychological pressure. The eponymous term “principal boy” refers to the dramatics of the male protagonist in a pantomime, traditionally played by a woman. Sbrzesny associates this rather unusual boy with the figure of the terrorist and thus addresses a nihilistic subject that is increasingly the focus of the media’s attention.