Portrait Martha Kazungu, Photo: Temidayo Gucci

Talks & Tours with Martha Kazungu und Dimona Stöckle

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Talks & Tours in English
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11 € (incl. exhibition ticket)

Event overview

Unlike a conventional tour, “Talks & Tours” tour features a conversation in which the art historian Martha Kazungu and the assistant to the curator, Dimona Stöckle, discuss specific thematic foci in the exhibition “Michael Armitage. Paradise Edict.”

The dialogue will address Michael Armitage’s exceptional role within the contemporary art scene in Nairobi and place his work in the context of those by East African artists who were inspirational for his practice and to whom a separate presentation in the exhibition is dedicated.

Martha Kazungu (*1993 in Iganga, Uganda) studied at the Makerere University in Kampala and at the University of Bayreuth “African Verbal and Visual Arts”. She participated in the research project “Art History and the Formation of a Modern Aesthetic” and was involved in the administering of the graphic collection of the Makere Art Gallery in Kampala, which is one of the most influential centers for contemporary art in East Africa. She also worked as curatorial assistant for Elisa Atangana and at the Kampala Art Biennale 2016. Her texts have been published in C&, Art Africa and in Start Journal, among others.

Portrait Martha Kazungu, Photo: Temidayo Gucci
Portrait Martha Kazungu, Photo: Temidayo Gucci