Henrike Naumann, Courtesy the artist & KOW, Berlin, Photograph by Inga Selck

Cancelled: Talks & Tours with Henrike Naumann

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Talks & Tours in German
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13 € (incl. exhibition ticket)

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Instead of a conventional guided tour, our “Talks & Tours” format offers visitors the opportunity to explore individual aspects of select works in a conversation with artists and the curator in the exhibition "Interiorities".

In her installations, the trained stage and costume designer Henrike Naumann (*1984 in Zwickau, Germany) examines the German-German past and right-wing ideology. Among other things, she explores how the mechanisms of radicalization manifest themselves inside one’s own four walls. For Haus der Kunst Naumann has developed a spatial installation entitled “Ruinenwert”. The installation refers to Hitler’s residence Berghof in Obersalzberg, which, like the former „Haus der Deutschen Kunst“ (“House of German Art“), was a representative building of the National Socialists. 

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