Kiki Smith; Sky 2011; Jacquard-Tapisserie, 287x190,5 cm | by © Kiki Smith, courtesy Pace Gallery

Kiki Smith: Talks & Tours with Jeannette Fischer

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Talks & Tours in German
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Talks & Tours with Jeannette Fischer

Talks & Tours is a visit of the exhibition “Kiki Smith: Procession” with the Swiss psychoanalyst Jeannette Fischer and the exhibition curator, Petra Giloy-Hirtz.
Kiki Smith’s multifaceted work explores the political and social, philosophical and spiritual aspects of human nature. Her analytical exploration of the body – without any fear of taboos or the limitations of shame – makes the conditions of human existence a topic of discussion: age, death and dying, wounding and healing, wholeness and fragmentation, sexuality and gender, identity and memory.
In her studies and publications, Jeannette Fischer deals intensively with questions of violence, power and powerlessness.  

Instead of a conventional tour, Talks & Tours offers a conversation in which Jeannette Fischer discusses various aspects of Kiki Smith’s work from a psychoanalytical perspective with Petra Giloy-Hirtz and tour participants.

Jeannette Fischer, about herself: “While studying Comparative Religious Studies in Athens, Tübingen and later in Zurich, I began to lie down on Freud’s couch, and with my psychoanalyst, I explored my unconscious. This work led to a change of profession. Since 1986, I have worked as a Freudian psychoanalyst in my private practice in Zurich. In the 1990s, I had the spontaneous idea of applying to curate an art exhibition. Since then, I have been as intensively involved with art as with psychoanalysis. I am interested in all the forms and dynamics of a relationship, not least as an expression in a work of art or as its biographical impulse. Here fear plays a recurring and not insignificant role: fear resulting from a disregard and misunderstanding of a self-determining subject. Thinking and researching on this topic constitutes the basis of my work. Be it in my psychoanalytic practice, in lectures, seminars, discussions, or as an author, a curator, documentary filmmaker, artist, art mediator and author.”