Ready for 2020 - Exhibition Opening, Concert and Party


Practical information

Party in German and English
No reservation required
Free Entry

Event overview

Ready for 2020 - Exhibition Opening, Concert and Party 

7 pm Exhibition Opening 
Welcome and introduction
Round Table with Monira al Qadiri, Sung Tieu, Jana Baumann and Damian Lentini

6-10 pm Listening Session 
Jesse Owens‘ Record Collection. Listening Session by DJ Jay Scarlett

8-9 pm  Pop-up-Talks in all exhibitions

All exhibitions are open till 10 pm

9 pm Concert und Party 
PRAED Live Performance of psychedelic Shaabi  music by the Lebanese duo

DJ Line-up
Flo Real / Mahogani Music / Vienna
Public Possession DJs Hytop: Manuel Kim & Benjamin Roeder
Konrad Wehrmeister / Ilian Tape
Bogus Trumper / Radio 80000

The party will be hosted by Haus der Kunst in cooperation with CHARLIE. Drinks, Snacks & Quality Entertainment

Free Entry! 


Founded in 2006 by Raed Yassin and Paed Conca, Praed is a band whose musical oeuvre can be described as a mixture of Arabic popular music, free jazz, and electronics. In the same year, the band made its first public appearance in Al Maslakh festival in Switzerland, immediately followed by a concert at the Irtijal festival in Beirut. Since then, the band has frequented numerous international music festivals and toured intensively world-wide, spanning the Arab world, Japan, Europe and Canada. Through these endeavors, they have created a large global network with other renowned musicians as musical collaborators. Their music is essentially multi-instrumental: Raed Yassin plays keyboards, electronics and vocals; and Paed Conca plays clarinet, electric bass and electronics. 

The band’s main body of work explores the terrain of Arabic popular music (“Shaabi”) and its interconnectedness with other psychedelic and hypnotic musical genres in the world, such as free jazz, space jazz, and psychedelic rock among others. Since its inception, Praed has shown a very keen interest in Shaabi music as a medium that reflects Egyptian society’s complicated fabric. Through their research, they began to discover a strong cultural connection between these sounds and the “Mouled” music used in religious trance ceremonies. The hypnotizing psychedelic effect embedded in this genre presents similarities to other forms of popular music in the world that stimulate an atmosphere of sonic delirium.

PRAED on Soundcloud