Oneness by Cecilia Bengolea


Practical information

Performance in English
Reservation required
5 €

Event overview

Cecilia Bengolea in collaboration with Damion BG, Craig Black Eagle, Katrin Wow, and DJ Master Will: Oneness

As part of the exhibition Sweat, artist Cecilia Bengolea presents the constantly mutating performance Oneness (2018-continuing). Oneness is the result of a ten-year collaboration between Bengolea and dancehall performers Craig Black Eagle and Damion BG. Based on the globalized distribution of the Jamaican-origin dance style of dancehall through social media, Oneness creates a choreographic feedback loop between the physical and digital space in which language, medium, and temporality of the dance are multiplied.

Cecilia Bengolea (b. 1979 in Buenos Aires) works on a range of media including performance, video and sculpture. She understands dance as a social instrument to create situations of radical empathy and emotional exchange. Combining video, performance and sculpture, Bengolea develops choreographies that explore both the individual and collective body in its possibilities as a medium for societal transformation. 

A ticket for this event grants reduced admission to the exhibition "Sweat" (6 €).