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Matinee "Josef Urbach - Lost Art" - Film and conversation with Tilman Urbach

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Eighty years after paintings by his great-uncle Josef Urbach were declared “degenerate” by the National Socialists and stolen from Jewish collections, filmmaker Tilman Urbach set out in search of the missing works. He discovered not only Josef Urbach’s life story, but also the fates of those Jewish collectors who once supported the Rhenish Expressionists. “Initially, the film was to be a cinematic artist portrait of my great-uncle, but, after encountering the descendants of the Jewish collector families and the reconstruction of the events that led to lost Ara, the film increasingly became a political work for me.” The documentary explores the problem of lost art by assigning life stories and faces to stolen and lost artworks. Thus, Lost Art is a contribution to a current debate, as well as a souvenir of the forgotten and murdered collectors.

Tilman Urbach (*1961) studied German, theater and art history in Göttingen, Cologne and Munich. Since the 1990s he has worked as an author of literary, music and art topics for radio and television, including for the Bavarian Radio. In 2010 he founded his own production company and since then he has been making free short films and has made several documentary films. Lost Art celebrated its German premiere at the 51st International Hofer Filmtage.

Following the film screening, Tilman Urbach will speak about his work on the film with Sabine Brantl, Haus der Kunst.

The event takes place in the auditorium.

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