Fall camp: Cool paintings – Cool words! Experiment with silkscreening!

Holiday workshop,

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Holiday workshop in German
Reservation required
15 € per participant / siblings 10 €

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Fallcamp - Experiment with silkscreening!

For children 6 - 12

With striking artistic techniques, Jörg Immendorff formulated strong statements. He wanted to express his opinion with both words and pictures: A school without a teacher! Stop painting! Curious? Then visit the exhibition together with us; afterwards, in our studio, you will learn how to create silkscreens  and do just that!
We design stencils and build our own frames. Using squeegees and ink, you will print your own creations on paper or even bags and T-shirts.

Please register at: atelier@hausderkunst.de
Minimum number of participants: 6 persons

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