#HDKfromhome - Digital introduction to „Michael Armitage. Paradise Edict“

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#HDKfromhome - Live digital introductions
During this unusual time, we are offering digital introductions to the exhibitions, which can serve as preparations for or follow-ups of your visit to the museum or simply as a temporary substitute to an in-person visit. Our art mediators provide knowledgeable insight into the exhibition based on selected works and present highlights from our exhibitions in these introductions, which are presented as Zoom lectures. As they take place live, you will always have the opportunity to ask questions.

Please register up to 2 hours before the tour starts. After your registration, you will receive a link with the access data for the Zoom conference by email.

Digital live offers on the date of your choice Would you like to book your own digital art experience through one of our exhibitions? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us at fuehrungen@hausderkunst.de

Please note the data privacy policy for the platform Zoom.


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