Holiday workshop on “Heidi Bucher. Metamorphoses“

Holiday workshop, from 3.11.21 to 5.11.21

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Holiday workshop in German
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12 € per day

Event overview

Holiday workshop on “Heidi Bucher. Metamorphoses“
We experiment with unusual materials.

Together we will view the exhibition “Heidi Bucher. Metamorphoses,” where we will discover works made of latex,  a remarkable, elastic material that we encounter daily, for example in the form of rubber gloves. But how do artists use latex in their works?

Heidi Bucher uses latex to embalm clothes and to make impressions of walls and floors. In the exhibition we will encounter entire rooms made of latex.

In the three-day holiday workshop, we will create impressions of objects using varied materials and techniques, and experiment with the surfaces of the new pieces. The significance of the shimmering mother-of-pearl is also revealed. Curious? We look forward to an exciting holiday workshop with you.

The workshop takes place on three consecutive days from 10 a.m. to 3 pm,  and days can be booked individually.

Wednesday, 3 November. The frottage technique

We set out in search of interesting surfaces and then transfer these onto paper using the frottage technique. You can use colors to further develop your texture rubbing collages.

Thursday, 4 November. Dragonfly molting

The focus is on a very special insect, the dragonfly, which the artist Heidi Bucher has explored intensively. We learn exciting things about the life cycle of the dragonfly and use dissimilar materials to create our own versions of this amazing insect in any size.  

Friday, 5 November. Body impressions

Using clay and plaster, you will make molds your hands and feet in an exciting process. After the molds have dried, you can further develop these body impressions employing different colored materials.


Please give your child enough snacks and drinks for the day.

Please purchase the workshop ticket online in advance.

The workshop is limited to 12 participants.

For additional information, please see our health and safety guidelines.

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