Cécile B. Evans: ‘Sprung a Leak’ (still of ‘Liberty’), 2016 / Image courtesy of the artist and Galerie Emanuel Layr, Vienna

Mediating the exhibition “Blind Faith”

Workshop & Seminar for adults,

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Workshop & Seminar for adults in German
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Our curators went on a trip through Germany to explore the issues that concern young artists. The result of this tour is the exhibition "Blind Faith: Between the Visceral and the Cognitive in Contemporary Art" with 22 artistic positions that deal with the interplay of knowledge and belief, body and mind, digital worlds and spiritual experience.

The aim of the workshop is to involve teachers from different disciplines in the development process of learning resources and concepts in the run-up to the exhibition and to discuss learning strategies. Contemporary art is often complex and not always easy to convey, yet it offers huge potential for linking to the living worlds of young people. By what means and methods can students have access to the themes of the exhibition “Blind Faith”? And which formats and events could be realized together – by teachers, pupils and the museum?

With Anna Schneider, co-curator of the exhibition “Blind Faith” and Sabine Brantl, curator Archive and Head of Learning

Duration: 2 hours
Registration at: archiv@hausderkunst.de

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