ONE WORLD – paint!

Workshop for kids & families,

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Workshop for kids & families in German
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ONE WORLD – paint!
Ages 6 and older

More than 30 artists from around the world paint, draw, dance, film, and convey their messages in the exhibition Sweat. They tell of feelings familiar to all of us, including distress, the exclusion from a group, culture, or society and the psychological and physical consequences and reactions to this marginalization. Painting is an artistic way to express deep feelings that all workshop participants can employ. Our workshop is led by  the painter Dominique Gartmann, who spends part of the year in Brazil, often with the Huni Kuin ethnic group in the jungle. It was there  that she became familiar with the painting of the artist group MAHKU presented in our exhibition. Together we create a three-dimensional artwork, a mixture of painting, frottage, and collage and as multi-layered as the works of the exhibited artists.

Please book your ticket for the workshop online in advance. Groups are limited to 12 participants. You can get your ticket to the exhibition at the museum box office.

Online Booking ends 1 hour before the tour starts. Any remaining tickets will be sold at the box office from 1 hour before the tour starts. Remaining ticket buyers must leave their contact details at the box office.   

Please note current hygiene and protective measures.

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