Free 1st Thursdays - Blind Faith: Between the Visceral and the Cognitive in Contemporary Art​

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The exhibition “Blind Faith: Contemporary Art between Intuition and Reflection” brings together 28 international artists who work in a variety of media in their exploration of the potential of the physical and the emotional. As part of a knowledge-based society, the overwhelming mass of information - substantiated or fake - leads to a destabilizing moment. Not least because of this, these artists search for alternative strategies of seeing and understanding. The body, as a resonating space for political and social realities, seems to be of immanent importance in such a pursuit.

The public guided tours last 1 hour and cost 3 €. Free admission.
Participation is limited to 40 people and on a first come, first serve basis; registration is not required. Please pay for the tour at the ticket counter prior to tour begin. 

Beginning on 5 April, the Goldene Bar, Super Paper and Village Voice will follow our lead and present the monthly edition, as well as feature one guest bartender and one guest DJ. #Superlook

You can also book all tour formats privately at special package prices for your preferred date.

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