Lina Lapelytė Pirouette Opening Roots To Routes, Photo By Aurélien Meimaris, Courtesy Routes To Roots Manifesta 13 Marseille 2020

Atmospherics – Lina Lapelytė


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Event overview

“An atmosphere is not an inanimate context, but a forcefield in which people are located.” Kathleen Stewart

Conceived as a changing exhibition over three nights, “Atmospherics” presents the work of Lithuanian artists, who work with drones, melodies, noise, and ambient sounds like breathing and weather in order to imperceptibly alter the ambience and character of the space. Via perpetually shifting registers, choreographic elements such as the pirouette, and the repetition of sound and tone, each of these performances could be said to constitute a symbol of the cycles of life. Complementing these are mantras recited in choruses and rotating movements, each of which imbue the space with an emotional tone, addressing the bodies of those present, and generating sensory states.

Lina Lapelytė: “Ladies”; “Pirouette”; “Instruction for the Woodcutter”
The performance “Ladies” kicks off "Atmospherics", in which four women sit playing on a zither – a traditional Lithuanian instrument – striking the same note again and again with monotonous movements reminiscent of the tedium of factory work. This is then followed by “Pirouette”: a performance of endurance featuring a ballet dancer performing a seemingly endless series pirouettes, accompanied by a saxophonist playing a singular note that he holds with the help of circular breathing. Finally, Lapelytė's third contribution, “Instruction for the Woodcutter”, focuses on the power of words and storytelling. A delivery style akin a fairy tale sets the initial tempo, which gradually increases and becomes rhythmic, until finally, the longhaired performers begin spinning their heads in circular motion, alluding to the action of woodcutting expressed in the title. Although the motions and actions within each of the performances at first appear to remain the same, participants can gradually perceive a shift atmosphere as they proceed and evolve. As the co-creator of the work “Sun and Sea (Marina)”, Lina Lapelytė represented her native Lithuania at the Venice Biennale in 2019 and received the Golden Lion.

Lina Lapelytė, Liudas Mockūnas, Ieva Juodpusytė, Violeta Aukštkalnytė, Nijolė Plavinskaitė, Danutė Mikalauskienė, Judita Kundrotienė, Paulina Nolte, Judith Bodendörfer

In the context of Various Others, conceived with the support of Lithuanian Culture Institute (LCI).

Curated by Damian Lentini