ART Reporter

Video workshop, from 07.12.18 to 08.12.18

Practical information

Video workshop in German
Reservation required
Free admission (max. 12 participants)

Event overview

ART Reporter

For young adults 11 and older

We slip into the role of reporter and journalist and record our experiences in the “Jörg Immendorff: For all Beloved in the World” exhibition in Haus der Kunst. The resulting film material will be cut in the Pixel Room in Gasteig and presented to the public.
The first day of the workshop will be spent in Haus der Kunst visiting the “Jörg Immendorff” exhibition, where we will become familiar with the artist’s paintings. We will then film in the exhibition spaces and make audio recordings. With this material we will return to our studio, where we will examine it and develop a film concept.
Day two of the workshop takes place in the Pixel Room in Gasteig, where we will cut and edit our audio and visual material and create a collaborative documentation. We will then present our finished work to the public.

Meeting point: the foyer of Haus der Kunst on 07.12.2018

Please register by 16.11.2018 at:

With the kind support of the Förderprogramme des Stadtjugendamtes München and Netzwerk Interaktiv.

In cooperation with PIXEL.

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