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Haus der Kunst continues its “Archives in Residence” series with the exhibition “Forum Queeres Archive Munich.”  

Queer archives are still a young phenomenon in the archive landscape. The Forum has been collecting evidence of queer culture in Munich since 1999. Much of its holdings can now be seen in the exhibition in Haus der Kunst. In addition to recordings of local political events and their actors, the presentation in the Archiv Galerie contains objects from the private, subcultural sector. Everyday objects—including T-shirts, buttons and photo albums—are more than testimonies to personal life stories: they also reveal the struggle for self-empowerment and visibility. Exhibited in Haus der Kunst’s Archive Galerie, the show reflects the broader context of the institution’s history. Opened in 1937, “Haus der Deutschen Kunst” was an integral part of the inhumane Nazi regime, which also persecuted homosexuals as “enemies of the state.” Thus, the history of Haus der Kunst is also the topic of one of our tours.  

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