An explorative journey in search of Markus Lüpertz – Open, intergenerational seminar

Workshop & Seminar for adults,

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Workshop & Seminar for adults in German
No reservation required
Free Entry with exhibition ticket

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An explorative journey in search of Markus Lüpertz

In cooperation with the Center for Senior Studies at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität and students from the university’s Institute of Art Education (LMU), Haus der Kunst has developed a teaching and lecture program for visitors of the exhibition “Markus Lüpertz: Über die Kunst zum Bild” (Eng.: Markus Lüpertz. Toward the Image through Art"). The aim of the open seminar is to foster and promote both intergenerational exchange and dialogue between researchers and an interested public. The seminar is open to visitors of all ages and is interdisciplinary. No previous knowledge required.

The open seminar will be led by Sabine Brantl, Curator Archive / Head of Learning, Haus der Kunst; Kathrin Thalmann, artistic researcher at the Institute of Art Education; and Prof. M.D. Elisabeth Weiss, Director of the Center for Senior Studies.

Dates and themes

Wednesdays, 12.15 – 1.45 pm

22.01.20       Daughter - Father - Paintings. Zaza Lüpertz guides visitors through the exhibition   

Free Entry with exhibition ticket. No registration required. 

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