Events for Today, Monday onwards

  1. Saturday

    1. And Outside the City - Online program with performance and film screening


      in the context of the exhibitions by Kapwani Kiwanga and Phyllida Barlow

      Info & tickets

      Alice Peragine, PLEASE HOLD THE LINE – THANK YOU (FOR HOLDING), EXHAUSTER (Part One), Live call-in TV Show, 2021. Costume design: Nina Divitschek, Photo: Helge Mundt
  2. Monday

    1. #HdKfromhome - Digital live guided tour through "Phyllida Barlow. frontier"

      Exhibition tour

      Info & tickets

  3. Friday

    1. Pure painting!

      Open studio

      Live online workshop for ages 15 to 99

      Info & tickets

  4. Thursday

    1. Super BOOKS


      Info & tickets

      Haus der Kunst, Super BOOKS 2019, Photo: Malte Wandel

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