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There are many more stories to tell than are initially obvious in our exhibition rooms. The blog now offers insights behind the scenes more diverse infos on the exhibitions, artists and the work at Haus der Kunst.

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    Behind the Scenes

    Andrea Lissoni begins his work as artistic director at Haus der Kunst

    The first official day of our new artistic director, Andrea Lissoni, has turned out other than expected. So, it is in this way that we warmly welcome him on board and look forward to a time more personal with him and our visitors at Haus der Kunst.

    by Haus der Kunst

  • NEW! #BlogHDK

    Behind the Scenes

    An Exhibition in the Making - Franz Erhard Walther

    Studio visits, long conversations and trips to lenders: before an exhibition becomes a reality, several years of work take place behind the scenes. In a series of images, we present a few moments from the long planning phase of the exhibition dedicated to Franz Erhard Walther.

    by Lilli Christoph-Homberg